Luther and Radical Orthodoxy

Sven Grosse


I want to show in my presentation that Martin Luther has to be regarded as a member of the canon of great Christian theologians. For a Protestant theologian this seems to be self-evident while it might be still questionable for members of other confessions. However, after Vatican II German Roman Catholic theologians have started to regard Luther as such a figure – I want to name Otto Hermann Pesch and Peter Manns, who called Luther a “father in faith“. I claim that if one is searching “a richer and more coherent Christianity” as the Radical Orthodoxy movement wants to do and to gain strength from this in the conflict with modern secularisation one will also have to study Martin Luther and his theology and to acknowledge him as a member of this canon of great Christian theologians together with Athanasius, Augustine, Cyril of Alexandria, Thomas Aquinas and so on.

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