Kevin Wagner, M. Isabell Naumann, Peter John McGregor & Paul Morrissey, eds. Mariology at the Beginning of the Third Millennium. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick, 2017.

Chris Maunder


This volume forms part of the Australian-based series, Theology at the Beginning of the Third Millennium, which explores themes in contemporary Catholic theology. In general, the book will please a traditional Catholic readership, because there are several chapters which are deferent to Church documents and, in particular, the legacy of Pope St John Paul II. Mariusz Biliniewicz gives us a respectful overview of the Mariology of Pope St John Paul II; Renée Köhler-Ryan explores the tradition of Mary as the seat of wisdom with John Paul II’s Fides et Ratio as a major source; Christopher John Wolter considers Mary in the Eucharistic liturgy. There is not much analysis in the book of the more challenging Third Millennium questions of feminism, gender, and sexuality which could arise from the fact Mary is a Christian icon of the feminine and of motherhood.

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