Stations: A Poem

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Simone Agnes Ingridsdotter Kotva


Stations retells the Via Dolorosa, or 'Way of the Cross', through the narrative of our recent, conservationist intercourse with landscapes and inhabitants of the natural world. In structure it follows the traditional fourteen stations as codifiedin the eighteenth century, including the later addition of a fifteenth, the Resurrection. The italicised parts are the voice of Simon of Cyrene, here the Naturalist. 

Pro peccatis Suae gentis
Vidit Jesum in tormentis
Et flagellis subditum

Sancta Mater, istud agas
Crucifixi fige plagas
Cordi meo valide 

–– Stabat Mater 

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Fiction and Poetry
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Simone Agnes Ingridsdotter Kotva, Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge

Simone Kotva is a doctoral student at the University of Cambridge (Divinity), Emmanuel College.