David C Schindler, <em>Plato’s Critique of Impure Reason: On Goodness and Truth in the Republic</em>, Catholic University of America Press, 2008

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Paul Tyson


D. C. Schindler demonstrates a wondrous and abundant proficiency with the intricacies and technicalities of scholarly argument, but, delightfully, scholarly dexterity never takes centre stage in Schindler’s work. For all the way through this remarkable text, one is in hot pursuit of those things that Plato himself most ardently pursues. And this – far more than its thrilling scholarship – is what one finds most unusual and vital about Schindler’s text. For Plato abhors the violent moral relativism of misology and upholds right love for the divine as the core of the very ‘this world concerned’ philosophical way. Schindler is very much walking along side Plato in these concerns, even though such an abhorrence and such a love are now almost inconceivable to us in real life.

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