Liberalism in Search of Vision: Responding to the Lost Connection between Policy and Lifestyle with the Christian Socialist Movement as a case study

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Timothy Stacey


This paper was initially conceived as a result of discussions between the author and politicians and political activists concerning the connection between the decline of Christian influence on politics and the rise of an amoral politics. The intention of the piece is to discuss this trend whilst exploring possible solutions suited to the contemporary political landscape.

The paper explores the birth and death of the Platonic-Aristotelian tradition in political advice concerned with the most moral action; and the replacement of this tradition with the more cynical strand of realist political advice we know today. It describes how liberalism creeps into many strands of political life and removes people of the ability to articulate moral arguments. Finally, the paper explores the Christian Socialist Movement as a possible solution.



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Post-Liberal Politics
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Timothy Stacey, Goldsmiths, University of London

PhD candidate